Internet Safety Parent Program

Event Details:

Dates & Time:

October 10, 2006 7pm- 8pm with Q&A to follow

October 17, 2006 7pm- 8pm with Q&A to follow


Faye Auditorium

Wyoming Middle School

17 Wyoming Avenue

Wyoming, Ohio 45215

Tentative Presentation Roles:

Jeanie Z- Intellectual Property
Jamie- MySpace/ Social Networking websites and/or monitoring techniques
Chris- Health survey results/ iSafe curriculum in schools
Megan- Discussion questions for groups?
Bari of WYSB- cyberbullying
WPD- Laws and enforcement in Wyoming and programs to catch online predators/offenders

More ideas:
I got this information from a site called the Virtual Mystery Tour. It provides workshops on teens, sex, and the internet. Here are some of there workshop ideas:

Examples of workshops include:

  • An introduction to different online ways of communicating
(blogs, IM, chat, etc.)
  • The latest statistics and research on teen internet use, with a
focus on sex and relationships
  • A tour of the websites most commonly visited by teens,
including MySpace, gURL, and IMaddict
  • A tour of web sites that offer teens accurate information about
sexual health
  • A demonstration of how teens portray themselves on web sites
such as MySpace, HotorNot, and Facebook
  • How to talk to your teen about their online activities
  • What parents can do to help monitor their children's online